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There is something beautiful happening in our community – children are coming together to make beautiful music. We think you should know about this...some good news in a bad news world. 

Each week from Monday to Thursday, kids are finding their way to St. Paul's United Church on King St., picking up their violin, viola, cello or bass and having a great time learning a new lifelong skill and experiencing what it means to be in a musical community. These are children who would not otherwise get an opportunity such as this. They are part of the Sistema Huronia Music Academy, a local chapter of an international group which strives to help children grow in many ways through music.  

We have a favour to ask of you.

Would you join us as a Friend of Sistema? We need to get the word out to the community about who we are and what we do. We also need to be able to call on folks when we might need some particular help with an event.

What would be your commitment?

We ask that you agree to receive emails from us (not often, but on an as needed basis). Then pass on the word, perhaps to one other person, maybe to a thousand others...whatever you can do. That would be your minimum commitment.

Further, if we need help with some particular event...either publicizing it or helping with it...we ask that you consider lending a hand. However, if all you can do is spread the word and not help directly, we understand that. We do need to get the word out to more people in the community so that more kids will know about us. Also, having our name known will help when it comes to fundraising.

We would not object if you gave us a few bucks now and then. That's purely optional.

Thanks for considering this.


To become a Friend of Sistema, just fill in the form below.  We will then add your email to our list. You can opt out whenever you like.  Thanks for being a Friend to the Kids of Sistema.


Success! Message received.

Enabling youth to better themselves through music
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