How does Sistema affect underserved Youth?


Sistema enriches children with the gift of music, provides them the opportunity to listen to and work with others in pursuit of a common objective, teaches them a universal language to build bridges and tear down walls, and gives them an instrument of social change.


Wherever Sistema has been introduced, the improvement in students’ academic achievement, attitude, and attendance and conduct has been extraordinary. Pedagogical literature is replete with examples of correlation between academic achievement and the teaching of music.


Source:  Sistema NB Research Finding.

​​The El Sistema Program


  • Children are given an instrument as soon as they can hold it

  • Tuition, outings, and music are furnished free of charge in return for the child’s agreement to play in one of the Sistema’s ensembles

  • Orchestral playing is a part of the program from the beginning

  • Lessons are in groups

  • Children who have mastered a scale or two are delegated to teach younger children; peer support is fundamental

  • Practice is supervised


​​The El Sistema Spirit


  • Music is taught as play rather than a chore

  • The objective is discipline, respect, and achievement through work

  • The goal is excellence: the point is not to be the best, but to be the best you can

  • Everything is communal, everything is about the team; the culture is one of mutual support.

​​The Three Spirits of Sistema Huronia


  • We are a team.

  • We always do our best.

  • We always help each other.


Program Overview

Enabling youth to better themselves through music