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Welcome to our Parent's Corner:

The holistic nature of the Sistema program helps to develop the potential of a child. At the same time students are having fun learning many new skills, they are acquiring musical knowledge and musicianship.


By building up the strengths of a child, he/she is better able to deal with issues which is important in adolescent years when negative influences appear.


The program is at no charge to parents/children. The instruction and instruments are supplied by Sistema Huronia.


Going forward, we expect to see a Parents' committee formed that encourages family and community involvement.


At the heart of El Sistema is a simple idea: using the classical music ensemble experience to promote positive social change in youth. It works because in a musical ensemble, there is diversity of role yet unanimity of purpose and direction. In an ensemble, there is no success for one without success for all. And unlike sports, an ensemble’s success is measured only against its potential; its victories are not contingent on others being vanquished.


The program is almost entirely performance based, with the focus on the ensemble, rather than the individual, and is immersive in its frequency.




Enabling youth to better themselves through music
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